Securing your Career Future

Whether you are entry-level, high school degree, a double major with an MBA, or a skilled IT specialist who can code in multiple languages, securing your career future does not rest in hard skill, expertise, education, and experience alone. Whether you have a lot behind your name or very little, your soft skills are the foundation that gives it strength. Don’t ignore the obvious – take the time to build these skills/attitudes. Sure, it may take an investment of time and sometimes money, but the ROI is tremendous.

Productivity – work ethic
• Begin by being punctual.
• Do your best – every day.
• Fulfill your responsibility – plus a little.
• If you job finished, don’t wait for another one – ask what you can do.
• If you see a problem – fix it.
• Lend your coworker a helping hand.
• Consider the big picture – the company goals – and take pride in your role.

Build up your problem-solving skills
• Logic quizzes are a great start.
• When you see a problem – even if you are part of the solution, think it over in your mind. Label the problem. Consider available solutions. Choose the one you think works best. Compare your choice with the outcome. Practicing these skills before you need them will help immensely when you do.

Be a goal setter
• Begin by setting daily goals and trying to accomplish them.
• Expand into weekly goals – then monthly.
• Take time to consider five years from now, then ten.
• From daily to long-term goals, establish a purpose and a plan.

People Skills
• Be a team player – listen to the perspective of others and practice finding strength by combining skills and ideas.
• Develop a positive attitude – it builds up others.
• Be willing to be taught. Accept instruction, feedback, constructive criticism – without getting defensive – it’s an opportunity to learn.
• Be adaptable – accept change gracefully.
• If applicable, take a course on management and leadership skills.

Develop your communication skills

• Oral communication – speak in soft tones, use tact, and express your opinions in respectful ways. Toastmasters is a great way to build verbal communication skills.
• Written communication – learn to be a self-editor, consider the meaning of your words before you send them. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Get help if you need it.
• Listening skills – learning to listen is the backbone of effective communication. Repeat what you think someone said to confirm you heard it correctly.

Many of these skills can be learned and developed simply by practice. Others may require reading a self-help book, and some may get a boost from a community or on-line course. None require a college degree, yet all are crucial pillars to ultimate career success. At Springborn Staffing, we are constantly looking for people from every level of skill who also have these all-important soft skills. We search for people who possess the drive and determination to achieve their goals. Contact us today to see what we can do for your career in Bangor or Portland, Maine.

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