Gaining the Most from your Staffing Company

Many companies have recognized the financial value, as well as the time, risk, and stress-deduction benefit of connecting with a staffing company. Yet, in spite of the increased flexibility, positive results, and consistent ROI, they still aren’t gaining everything they can from their partnership.

So, how can you work with your staffing partner to gain the most benefit?

Ensure that the staffing company you choose – or have chosen – is the best one for you.
• Do they have a reputation for integrity and solid business practices?
• Do they consistently communicate with their clients?
• Do they specialize in your type of business? This is especially crucial if you have a niche market.
• Do they have experience and resources in your industry?
• Are they carrying the proper insurances, including general liability and workers’ compensation insurance?
• Are they on top of legal issues – worker classifications, payroll taxes, etc.?
• Do they conduct appropriate background checks?

Connecting with the right staffing company for your business is only the first step. Promote your business. When you are excited about your company and bring your staffing company on board, electricity happens.

Communicate your needs clearly. Ensure that they know:
• Your company mission and goals.
• Your company culture – including dress codes, hours, and break and lunch policies, as well as after work activities.
• Your current and potential future needs – what you want – and what you do not want
• Specific information for each open position – including pay range, fill date, required qualifications, job description, and other key components.
• Any and all updates/changes as soon as possible.

Let your staffing company do what you contracted them to do – it’s what they do best. While you need to communicate consistently, you also need to trust them to carry out the necessary steps while you do what you do best. Reliable staffing companies will attract, engage, and secure the best candidates. They screen applicants, conduct initial interviews, confirm references, verify the accuracy of information, handle background checks, etc. When they give you the short list, you can trust it. When they send you temp employees to fill a sudden rush, seasonal hiring, special projects, etc. you can trust them.

Finally, maintain a solid relationship with your staffing company.
They are your business partner. Staying connected with one staffing company, long-term pays off.

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