Social Media and Your Career – Part I

Professional Relevancy and Social Media
Staying relevant in your field is foundational to career growth. Social media is foundational to staying relevant. The crux of the matter is knowing how to utilize your social media to stay relevant in, rather than damaging your career.

Build Your Professional Brand
If you are on social media – and if you aren’t, you should be – then you are building a brand. Make sure your professional brand is . . . well, professional and that your personal and professional brand complement each other.
• Be consistent in voice, style, and presentation.
• Know your audience
• Share relevant, up-to-date and valuable content
• Share information – rather than opinion
• Invite discussion

Foster Awareness of the Latest Trends Affecting Your Industry
Set up a Google alert to stay in touch with the latest keywords in your industry. Designate 20 minutes/day to peruse social media, see what’s posting, and highlight which topics you wish to dig into deeper. Designate weekly time to do your digging and answer these questions.
• What’s happening now?
• What’s predicted for the future?
• Who are the top industry leaders?
• What can I contribute via a post?
• Which conversation do I want to join?
• Which conversation do I want to start?

Never-ever Stop Learning
Technology and knowledge are moving faster forward every day. If you don’t focus on learning and growing, you and your career will stagnate. Yes, keep up on certifications, classes, etc. but also:
• Attend industry events – discuss them on social media
• Participate in local chapters of professional organizations – discover the best ones by seeing which are most often discussed among your social media network.
• Join social media conversations.
• Initiate conversations – across diverse spectrums – you can gain wisdom and insight from those who are younger, older, or of a different culture, nationality, gender, etc.
• Read industry newsletters and use them a starting point for social media conversations.

Social Media is more than a viable tool for career growth – it’s an essential. If you are intentional about using it, you’ll become established as an industry expert, leader, and influencer, creating opportunities for career growth and satisfaction. If you ignore this tool, it may come back to bite you – which we’ll discuss in next week’s blog “When Social Media Leads to Career Destruction.”

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