Social Media and Your Career – Part II

“When Social Media Leads to Career Destruction.”

Last week, we discussed how social media can be an effective tool for building professional relevancy. Beware! Social Media can also be a catalyst for professional bankruptcy. It has the power to build you up or tear you down. Remember – your friends may easily overlook your less-than-stellar social media moments, but your current employer – or potential future employer won’t be so apt to turn a blind eye.
For those of you who have yet to master the social media game – and maybe even more so for those who think they have – here are some tips for helping you stay out of professional mire.
The Don’t list:

• Don’t throw up our hands and swear off of social media. Lack of a social presence will be read as low- or no – knowledge of all things tech.
• Don’t complain about your current or past positions – or the respective employer. Don’t cut down coworkers or make fun of clients. Nothing shuts the door faster than or sends your resume to the waste can quicker. Save your whining for a trusted close friend or family member and please, whine in private.
• Never – ever get caught up in public bashing of anyone – from public figures to personal acquaintances to bosses – even if it’s totally true. The only one looking bad will be you.
• Don’t post pics of unsavory parties – or even “responsible” drinking. Skip the provocative poses as well – and the expletives. Sure your social media page may be “for friends only,” but far too often those moments in bad taste manage to find their way to publicity – the wrong kind at the wrong time.
• Do we have to say, “no pics or postings about either illegal behavior or nude moments?!”
• Don’t like everything from everybody – it indicates a lack of discernment and discretion.

And now for the written words –articles post with your signature

• Don’t post too often – people will stop reading; or too little – you won’t come across as up-to-date with technology, networking, etc. Establish your brand, of course, but don’t get carried away and overly dramatic and or harsh with your opinions.
• Skip the texting language – it’s for texting – not social media.
• Don’t plagiarize.
• Never hit the “publish” button without proofing your spelling and grammar. Sure, we all make the occasional mistake, but if you do it often, potential employers will be turned off.
• Don’t post anything that should be kept confidential. Employers, co-workers, and friends alike are looking for people they can trust with their words.
• Don’t treat LinkedIn like a personal Facebook page or snap chat – keep it professional – totally professional.

Social media is part of our lives. It can be a blessing – or a curse – it all depends on how you use it. Practice good judgment and it can be the key to your career success.

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