Leadership Don’ts

“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”
Benjamin Franklin

Characteristically, Leaders have too many responsibilities on their schedule. Why? Because they not only have the ability to evaluate the list, prioritize it, delegate, and then act; they also have the courage and motivation to follow through and do it. In other words, they execute.

If you want to leadership recognition:

Don’t wait for “perfect” opportunities. Accept the fact that life – both personally and professionally is often messy. Remember the adage that bravery isn’t the absence of fear, it’s facing your fears and moving forward? Leadership isn’t perfectly lined up responsibilities in ideal situations; it’s facing the muck, evaluating the options, making your best guess and going with it.

Quit complaining.
It’s a time waster and doesn’t change anything. Leaders expect negatives, problems, and less-than-ideal situations to arise. They consider them part of the challenge.

Don’t jump in without prioritizing: What must be done? What requires your expertise and/or authority? What can be delegated? What can wait? What causes more problems by waiting? These are the questions leaders ask – and answer.

Stop worrying about failure.
Failure happens. Leaders make wrong decisions. The key is that something happens; decisions were made. When the resulting action turns out wrong, leaders take responsibility, evaluate the situation, make the necessary changes, and move forward better equipped and prepared for the next decision. Letting the fear of failure stop you in your tracks not only prevents you from being a leader, but it also keeps you from being a good follower.

Throw away the word lazy. Leaders are self-disciplined and active. They don’t wait for someone to fire the gun – they evaluate the track ahead and start running.

Forget mediocracy.
Do and give the best you can do and give. Take time to learn and grow. Look for challenges that take you out of your comfort zone. Read. Participate in online discussions in your areas of expertise – and in new areas that will expand your knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

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