Job Hopping 101 – Part II

Last week we laid the groundwork for job-hopping – a discussion of the pros and cons. But now that you have a good understanding of why and why not, how does that apply specifically to you? Maybe you don’t feel in sync anymore – the excitement has fizzled, your voice isn’t being heard, and your future outlook isn’t all that rosy. It’s time for the tough questions. Before you start, commit yourself to being honest with your answers.

1. Why do you want to move – what are your specific reason for switching jobs?
• Are you in conflict with your co-workers or boss?
• Have you lost interest in your tasks?
• Have you reached the top level for this position in this company?
• Do you need more challenge?
• Are you ready to make a career change, rather than the same job in a different company?
• Are you seeking a different culture?

2. Knowing why you want to change is important. Now that you have established the why, would changing make the right difference?
• Is the conflict rooted in my attitude? What part am I playing? Moving to a different job with the same personal issues won’t change anything except location.
• Why have you lost interest? Is it time for additional training or new certification or are there underlying physical issues that need your focus?
• Have you reached the top level at this company or in your field? Again, is it time to consider additional training and education?
• Is it time to take your experience and skills and turn them another direction?

3. What are your long-term career goals?

• Will a new job be a positive step forward in the long-term prognosis?
• What type of change would be best?
• Have I gained the skills and experience I need to move upward?
• Can I reach these goals best by leaving or by staying, but making changes in my present position and responsibilities?

4. What are the current hiring and opportunity trends in my industry?
• What direction is the best choice for my present experience/skills, as well as my future goals?
• What positions are “hot” and will stay in-demand?
• Am I ready to market myself?
• Does my resume reflect what companies are seeking?
• What changes are needed? How and when should I make them?

Choosing to do the job-hop dance is a personal decision – a big decision. Taking the time to sort through the issues, instead of rashly leaving will pay off in the end. Once you make the decision to move on, however, don’t waver in the wind. Don’t be paralyzed by indecision, fear, etc. Go for it. Tackle your resume. Research your markets. Be strong and confident in your interviews. You get the picture.

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