Earning Respect as a Leader

Being a leader/manager/supervisor doesn’t guarantee respect. While your employees may show respect for your title/position, it doesn’t mean that they respect you as a professional. Authentic respect, as well as trust and loyalty, is always earned. We’re not talking perfection – a level no one can attain – but we are talking excellence. In behavior, attitude, work ethic, example . . . your words and actions define your character. Cultivate the following earmarks of a leader who has earned respect.

1. Respect your employees
Treating your employees – or coworkers under your supervision with respect is essential to gaining respect back. This includes:
• Getting to know them.
• Inviting, listening to, and responding to their feedback.
• Recognizing their work – and validating them to others.
• Encouraging their growth.

2. Set an admirable standard
Does your leadership establish a high standard within the company culture?
• Ensure that your actions give the same message as your words give.
• Be consistent and reliable in both what you deliver and what you expect from your employees/coworkers.
• Be punctual and honor deadlines.
• Own up to your mistakes.
• Acknowledge wrong decisions and take responsibility.

3. Create a positive presence
Your attitude and personal presence leave an impact when you enter a group . . . and when you leave one.
• Have you earned titles like approachable, genuine, authentic?
• Do you build warm, personable, and amicable relationships with your staff and coworkers?
• Do you forgive easily when mistakes happen and help those under you to correct the issue?

4. Be a risk taker and encourager
We’re not talking rushing into the fray blindfolded, but as a leader, it’s your responsibility to lead with boldness and encourage your employees to follow suit.
• If you never fail, you haven’t accomplished anything either.
• Encourage your staff to be innovative by removing the fear of reprisal.
• Set an example of experimentation and taking mitigated risks, including how to bounce back when it doesn’t go as planned.

5. Communicate
In our hi-tech world, we have multiple forms of communication – some would say too many.
• Choose the best set of methods for your work environment.
• Keep everyone on the same page.
• Share pertinent details with all the pertinent people – don’t rely on word-of-mouth.
• Ensure that your staff/employees know how to communicate with you.
• Respond promptly.

Earning respect as a leader takes time, and consistent action, but the dividends are beyond measure. Here at Springborn Staffing, we are committed to true leadership and true leaders. We specialize in matching talented leaders with top companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine. Whether you’re a leader looking for employees or a leader looking for that dream position, contact us today.

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