New Hires – Raising the Bar & Sticking to It

Hiring the right employee isn’t easy. Because of that, it can be tempting to hire someone who is “good enough” rather than waiting for that best-match fit. But in the end, the cost of a bad hire is usually greater than cost of extending your search. The key is knowing what you need, what you are looking for – then setting a standard and sticking to it.

But how do you determine your standard?

Take time to know the position you are needing to fill.
• Is the job description accurate?
• Is experience more crucial than skills or vice versa?
• Have you communicated with your staffing resource – do they understand your needs and the job requirements?
Posting an accurate description is your first “screening tool”.

Consider multiple angles
• Research and analytical skills – do you need someone who can view situations from various perspectives, gather and decipher information, evaluate, create, and then implement the correct process?
• Technology – every position involves varying degrees of technology. Have you determined what level this position requires?
• Do you need a strong leader or a motivated follower?
• Problem –solving skills – every job requires the ability to think, but some positions require a deeper level than others. Do you need someone who can assess a situation, recognize the problem and generate a prompt solution?

Don’t ignore the soft skills: these can often be as important as the “real” skills
• Is the position fairly constant from day to day or do you need someone who can respond to change often and adapt the order of business?
• Will the hew hire be working primarily alone or in a group? Lack of interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate verbally and in writing can make all the difference in a new hire.
• Do you need a true team player – someone who carries their part of the load and motivates others to do the same?
• Every company wants their employees to have a great work ethic, understand and support he company’s core values, maintain integrity, respect cultural diversity, etc., but in some positions, a particular bent is especially critical. Do you understand the position and corresponding essentials?

When your HR and your staffing company fully understand all the requirements of a position – both hard and soft skills, level of experience, and the priority they all play, a clear picture will emerge. Once you have that picture, keep it in front of you as you connect with and interview candidates. Don’t “cave-in”. Finding the right hire will help ensure a longer-lasting and mutually beneficial hire.

Springborn Staffing serves companies in Bangor and Portland, Maine. We help them determine the real needs of an open position, create an accurate job posting, and attract the best-fit from our extensive resources. Contact us today and allow us to find best-fit new hires for you.

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