Putting Away 2015 – Are you Ready?

 In five short weeks, the party will be over and 2016 will be in full swing. It’s time to put 2015 back in the box. We’ve put together some tips to make the process run smoothly.

Looking Back: Pull out your 2015 goal sheet – the plans and projections you made regarding new clients, advertising, proposed technology updates, new hires, and their associated budgets. Compare them to your quarterly reports. Did you stay on track? If not, why not? Were your plans too aggressive? Did you meet with unexpected complications? What could/should you have done different – if anything? Use this insight to help you prepare your plan for 2016.

Update: Clean up your files, mailing lists, directories, etc. It’s time to merge and purge before you start your 2016 campaigns. Do you need to reorganize your office for greater efficiency? Would an upgrade in equipment make a smoother new year? If nothing changes – nothing changes.

Evaluate your connections: Are their colleagues you’ve neglected? Clients who need a little TLC? Take advantage of holiday networking events. It’s a great time make those connections you should have made earlier. It might even kickoff a positive professional connection for 2016.

Check your giving meter: Have you been involved in your community? Are you established as a company who cares? Align your company with a local charitable event or not-for-profit organization. Start now creating goodwill as part of your company brand in 2016.

Examine your gratitude attitude: Have you told your employees thank you? Did you follow through with something tangible? Have you extended appreciation to your customers? Your employees are your company’s best assets and without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business. Take time to recognize key people and show your appreciation across the board.

Consider yourself, your family, and friends: How was your work-life balance? Did you neglect your own health – physically, mentally, emotionally – in your professional pursuits? Did you take enough time for family? Did you make them a priority? Did you spend enough time socializing with friends just for the joy of it?  What can you do to make 2016 more balanced?

The best thing you can do for the future is to learn from the past. Take the time to evaluate, clean out, update, restructure, etc. before packing it away neatly, instead of shoving it into the box. It will give you the opportunity to learn from mistakes and maximize the right choices. And as you close the lid on 2015, consider Springborn Staffing – we are your HR connection for 2016. Contact us today and discover the dynamic difference we can make for Bangor and Portland, Maine Companies.







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