Team Players

While Dion Lewis, Tom Brady, and Chris Hogan are each “stand alone” NFL heroes for the New England Patriots, they worked together as essential parts of a powerful team. In this crucial play (one of many) their collaboration scores one of the touchdowns that culminated in the 2017 AFC Championship. Likewise, collaboration in the workplace melds talented players into a powerful professional team. It’s the road to creativity, innovation, and project success. It’s not surprising then, to find “team player” listed as a sought after skill in an ideal candidate, regardless of the position.
When it comes to the New England Patriots, we know what a “team player” looks like. But what are the attributes of a team player in the workplace? What traits will help you stand out in a crowd and become the player every company seeks.

Team Players Are Reliable, Delivering:
• On time, every time, making – or beating – the deadline
• Their fair share of the work + a little
• Quality work
• Excellent organization, performance, and follow-through

Team Players Are Active Participators, who:
• Fully engage in the work
• Come prepared and ready for action
• Take the initiative, contributing to the “whole.”
• Volunteer for the extra tasks that pop up

Team Players Are Honest and Upfront. They:
• Skip the wishy-washy. You know exactly where they stand
• Share their thoughts and opinions, but also listen to others
• Speak and listen with tact and respect
• Keep their word

Team Players Are Flexible, quickly:
• Adjusting to the bumps and tweaks that arise
• Responding to problems with appropriate answers
• Turning issues into opportunities
• Rolling with the punches and compromising when appropriate

Team Players Are Committed, offering
• 110% passion to the project
• Quality work, believing doing it right costs less than doing it again
• Solid effort, regardless of the task

Team Players Are Communicators, Sharing:
• Pertinent information with everyone involved
• Their thoughts and ideas, clearly and with respect
• Feedback – both positive and necessary constructive criticism
• The floor with others, by focused listening

Team Players Are Team Players. They:
• Treat others with respect and courtesy
• Show support
• Refuse to backstab or gossip about other teammates
• Conduct themselves professionally, yet relaxed
• Encourage a positive culture

Your unique package of skills, experience, and education only gets better when blended with a team player spirit and attitude. Becoming a team player will boost your career in every way – bringing you both personal and professional satisfaction, as well as making a difference in the company.

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